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Thread: camo choices?

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    Default camo choices?

    hi guys..........

    looking for some new camos........somthing that will work in general bushveld conditions. which pattern would you go for?
    anyone check out that new grass pattern from sniperafrica?
    else i'm think mossy oak brush........thoughts/views?

    [link=hyperlink url][/link]
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    Hi Urabus

    I presume this is for your bow hunting expeditions. The grass camo from Sniper Africa works fine in the winter grasslands and bushveld where the grass is plenty. Ask Sniper, Herman and a couple of guys went to the bush and Herman decided to just sit very quiet in the grass, the others guys walked right past him without seeing him.

    The acacia thorntree camos also works excellent in the bush. I have stalked a couple of impala with great success and got one at 18m on foot. Just one tip on camos. Stay away from fabric softener and if you have to use washing powder, use it sparingly. In any event, I would recommend you rinse your camos in bicarbonate of soda ( Koeksoda) This gets rid of the ultra violet emision caused by the washing powder and fabric softener. :thinkerg
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    tks francois for the tip.......... :thumbsup
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    Never iron your camo, old army trick not to emit UV.

    Big John clothing company in Howick Natal also makes exellent camo. They have been making bush clothes for a long time. My brother used them in the veld last week on a hunt, and I was very impressed with them.

    They can be contacted on Tel 033 - 3307374
    Web address

    Have a look, realy nice.
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    For a true grasslands camo I would definately recommend making yourself a ghillie. Have a look at for basic instructions. I used a netting suit from sniper africa as a base insetad of sewing net onto normal camos, and then simply pulled through loads of dyed natural fibre roap. About 3 kg of roap makes a ghillie that will put chewbakka from starwars to shame. Just keep the inside of your arms open, and snip the roap over your chest area to about 5cm if you plan to bowhunt with it.
    Truth however is that it is much more important to know the "rules" of stalking than to have perfect camos. The seven s's Speed, Sound, Smell, Shadow, Silloutte, Shine and Shape also help.
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    Try ""

    I buy most of my gear there. Thaey have some realy cool stuff. It works out cheaper to import the stuff than to buy it here. I even bought my crossbow from cabelas and got it for less than half the price that Sharp Edge was offering it for, including postage and import fees.

    I shoot a crossbow because i had a shoulder op and cannot hold a bow at full draw for more than a few seconds.

    I hunt using a guilli suit, for still hunting and it works great. I just sit in the open under a tree. No problem.
    Try Camo Joe's as well. They do have a website but cant remember what it is.

    Cheers Dylan
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