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Thread: Amendments to Firearms Control Act

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    Default Amendments to Firearms Control Act

    Herewith an extract from the proposed amendments to the firearms control act.

    For the full proposed amendments in, PDF format, to the act see link below and click on

    Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2006


    1. The object of the Bill is to amend the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of
    2000), in the following respects:
    1.1 To require a person who holds an occasional hunter or occasional sports-shooting
    licence to belong to an accredited hunting or sports-shooting organisation or association.
    1.2 To extend the validity period of the following licences:
    Alicence to possess a firearm for business purposes: Business as game rancher and
    in hunting from five to ten years;
    A licence to possess a firearm for business purposes: Business other than as game
    rancher and in hunting from two to five years;
    Dealers’, manufacturers’ and gunsmiths’ licences from one year to five years.
    1.3 An amendment is proposed to solve the problem experienced by prosecutors with
    the issuing of admission of guilt fines in respect of minor cases of assault and other
    offences mentioned in the Act as affecting a licenced firearm owner’s fitness to possess
    a firearm. The Bill proposes that where such an admission of guilt fine has been
    determined, the payment thereof will not automatically affect the person’s fitness to
    possess a firearm. The present wording of the Act largely inhibited the determining of
    admission of guilt fines by prosecutors and thereby increased the workload of courts.
    The proposed wording has been drafted in liaison with the prosecution authorities. The
    Registrar will, however, still have the power to enquire into the person’s fitness to
    possess the firearm, which process will entail a fair administrative procedure.
    1.4 To provide that all restricted and prohibited firearms in possession of collectors
    must be made inoperable so that they would be unable to fire cartridges and would only
    be able to fire blank ammunition.
    1.5 The Bill proposes that muzzle loading firearms be exempted from licencing, but
    makes the requirement of a competency certificate applicable to muzzle loading
    firearms, as well as all measures relating to unfitness to possess them and import,
    manufacturing and export thereof. They may also only be sold by dealers. There is a
    transitional arrangement in the Bill for obtaining a competency certificate. Permits to
    buy black powder for use in muzzle loading firearms may also not be issued to persons
    not in possession of a competency certificate.
    1.6 To remove the restriction on the number of shots that a semi-automatic shotgun
    may fire in succession in respect of a dedicated hunter and sport person. An amendment
    to the effect that ‘‘a shotgun manufactured to fire no more than five shots in succession
    without having to be reloaded’’, can be licenced to a dedicated hunter or dedicated sports
    person, as the present limitation is inhibiting South African sports persons to compete
    internationally. The five shot limitation does in any case not apply to shotguns, which are
    licenced in terms of other provisions of the Act.
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    so no effect regarding airguns...phew!!
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    Thank goodness for that!

    But in the same breath, we should be very responsible with our airguns, otherwise the situation can change for the worst in no time at all.
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    Hi Piet,

    I agree We should be responsible. When we see people being irresponsible we should do something about it. I have on occasion reprimanded both parents and kids for being stupid!
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    I have seen a few kids not behaving with the airguns and the parents don't care. The problem is, if you bust them, all air-gunners look bad and if you don't sooner or later an accident will happen....

    It is going to be hard to make people responisble, many of them who mishandle (air)guns are the ones who have no repect to the law and other people. It is not just the airguns, it is the people we have problems with. How are we supposed to talk some senses into them?

    Having competency certificate before being allowed to buy a pellet gun doesn't sound so bad after all. It is not the kind of training you get (been there, it is a joke) but rather the effort to go do the course that is important. It will effectively remove most of the @ssholes who can't handle guns in a safe manner (trust me, they won't bother applying for a certificate). But then the cops can't cope with the paperwork load and you wait 1-2 year for it to be issued and you pay a fortune to get trainning from a trainer who knows less than most of us and you have to be 16............
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    Stopper bringing in competency certificates means bringing in regulation which will lead to licencing.....Job creation!

    Did you know that S.A. Schools and S.A. Hunters are very proactive in teaching gun safety? (including air rifles) to kids. They are also propogating a culture of non violence in conjunction with the SAFPS

    Members of this forum should become involved in these organisations and do their bit too.....( thankfully many are )
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    ADIV, MY IDEA of airgun competency system is you get a certificate, do your fingerprint, they look at that and scan in the bar code in your ID and the guns shops keep a record of guns sold (ver much like they do it out ammo sales) and update it once a month with the SAFPS The certificate must be enough for purchase of any airgun and no further application needed. If the post office can track a R14 parcel with details of sender and receiver and addresses plus tracking history, the government can track airguns at less than the cost. And for all the effort, airguns .22cal and up no longer required licence........

    Sounds good to me, but don't think they can pull it off....

    As for the club/association trying to promote safe handling, they are doing a good job but only people who want to be trained are trained, we only need a few in the country to mess it up for us, that's my worry... SAGA and NRA in the US have been promoting safety (NRA even has a kid-friendly Eddie Eagel carton to teach kids) for years but we always get a few, just a few to mess it all up.

    What are we going to do about them , that is the question.
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    Stopper--- seeing that you/we don't have the answer ---get involved then at least you/we will be doing your/our bit. Start with those around you.
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