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    Does anyone have any experience using the Gun Blue that you buy in a blue bottle? There is also a paste version available. Can't remember the brand off hand, but the same people who make Tru-Oil in the brown bottle.

    My Gamo's blueing is rubbing off from all the cocking, although it does get an oil wipe after every session it's gone all dull and almost black now right by the front sight.
    Suppose I could put some kind off plastic shrink wrap around the barrel to stop future dulling.

    Any other idea's?


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    Difficult to use cold blueing....
    It's OK for touching up very small spots though.
    Rather get it done by a's quite cheap.
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    from limited experience (yours truely & my mates)........

    these cold blueing solution/paste are only really good for small things like screw heads...etc it's hard to match the factory hot blueing on touch ups. having said that, my mate re-blued his barrel, and it turned out pretty good. the trick is to do it remove old blueing, polish, degrease, follow the instructions, wash-off with water.........repeat. another problem is that it's not as durable as an "hot job".

    agree with guido here.......get it done professionally, you can save costs by doing the preparations yourself ie. strip, old blue removal, polish......etc

    perhaps, try "camo clad", don't know if they are available's like those "fake carbo fibre" plastic/vinyl sheets you get for car interiors.......but in designer camo pattern.

    NB, not camo tape (bow shops).......those absorb moisture.
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    Used the cold blue on a number of rifles and it works for "touch up " only. Fixed a rusted rifle once where I took all(small patch under scope) the blueing off and followed the instructions on the bottle to the tee. after 8 coats the rifle looked great. 1 month later and about 1000 shots most of the cold blue was off . NOT worth all the hard work.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Appreciated.

    Gonna read up on 'hot blueing' - might give it a bash myself.

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