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    Just got my Bam over the weekend, I noticed the action is sitting rather loose in the stock. The first thing I wanted to do was to glass bed the thing but I am not too sure if it is would work. Unlike firearms, there is no recoil lug for the stock to hold onto and there is only one screw anyway........ Should I or shouldn't try it?
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    I think you will waste your time.However if you want to play let us all know how it turns out.
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    no point in glass bedding a PCP...but it won't hurt either..
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    The reason you glassbed a rifle has very little to do with recoil. It gives the action of the rifle a sollid bed,"basis" to lie on. If you tigten the scew, the action will then not be put under stress by high points catching elsewhere, but will firmly attatch the action to the stock.

    I do not exactly know ho it will affect the working principle of a PCP though, but it is wort trying. You could only improve it by doing a good job, You would'nt make it worse.
    So give it a try.

    If you haven't don it before, feel free to give me a call for advice. I have lots of experience with big calibres, and it can be tricky.

    Piet 082 555 1960
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    I know glass bedding has very little to do with recoil but I mentioned the rifle has no recoil lug just because the action can move forth and back by about 2mm.....

    Piet, thanks for the offer, I think I will do it myslef, I have done a few center fires and yes, it can get really messy (I am not going to mention the one action I forgot to put release agent on).......the only concern I have is a center-fire has two screws holding the action down so it is easy to keep the action level by tightening both screws but the PCP has one tiny screw.....

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