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Thread: Are PCP airguns significantly quieter than a low powered springer?

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    Default Are PCP airguns significantly quieter than a low powered springer?

    Hi guys

    Ok, like my other post, i have a Gamo 610 springer which is classed as a standard powered springer rifle.

    Being a newbie to the airguns game, i wasnt really to aware of pcp and how they differed from springers.Only now do i know more about them.

    Are pcp significantly quieter than a standard powered sprnger when they have a sound modulator attached to them?

    Bear in mind i have never heard a pcp being shot before(in fact i did for the first time yesterday, but without a sound mod on), hence the stupid question, but i get the idea from posts on here that it is a reasonably quiet airgun provided it has a sound compressor on, hence a good stealth type weapon to use when hunting prey in large numbers.

    Is this true and how would you compare the overall difference in sound output between a std powered gamo and a low -end pcp range rifle with as mentioned before a sound compressor attached to it.

    I went to check out target specialists yesterday in Montana for the first time, and got my first glimpse of the pcp for myself.

    The guy fired a blank shot to give me some idea of the noise it makes, but that was without the compressor on, so oviously it was going to be a bit noisy.

    The reason i ask this is cause ive got quite interested in pcp now, especially concidering they dont make that mech noise evertime you should them like springers.Its just pure compressed air technology.

    You guys in the know who own one wuld be able to advice me on the sound issues, so i thought i would ask, even though it may be a slightly stupid question for u guys..please bear with me

    Maybe this should have been posted in the PCP forum, but it des bear relavance to springers of which i own one so i thought it belonged here.

    Thanks alot guys.

    (BTW, the guy there told me like all of you advised that its not really wrth the effort bying a silencer for a springer, so point taken)


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    A pcp, when fitted with a moderator will be quieter than a spring rifle because there is less going on inside the rifle at the moment of firing.

    i.e. The spring rifle compresses the air at the moment of firing whereas the pcp is only releasing a quantity of high pressure air. The mechanics required for this latter are significantly less than for the spring rifle.

    A well tuned spring rifle is pretty quiet, but still generates a measure of mechanical noise that is noticeable to the shooter.

    A pcp when fitted with a good quality moderator is almost inaudible from a short distance. The shooter will still be awareof some noise from the action however.
    In respect of a silencer on a spring rifle, if the action is particularly noisy then it has little benefit. On a rifle that has a smooth low noise action then there is a noticeable effect on muzzle noise.
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    After firing a PCP without a sound moderater and then with one, you'll be hooked forever.
    No springer can compaire.
    Just got a standard CZ 200s and after taping a baffle to the end of the mussle break, its is really quiet.
    You can make it whisper. Only hear the stupid spring hitting the valve inside.
    Music to your ears.

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    If you want to hear the sound of a PCP with proper sound moderator attached, take a BIC ball point pen and push the top button in.... Let go on the side latch and that is about all you should hear from the PCP Rifle when firing....
    The impact sound is always much louder when the pellet hits the target, and as a bonus you will be blown away by the accuracy.....!!!! To be fair , the guys at Target Specialists should have used a rifle with the moderator already fitted and let you shoot with it....!!!! I bet you would have walked away a satisfied customer after that.....!!
    Yes, I still do shoot my spring air rifle to prevent it from rusting away, and maybe to go through the basic drills of shooting techniques, but to be honest, I get a kick out of the quietness (indoor shooting), accuracy (FT and Hunting), and ease of operation (Scuba tank refills) which is only achievable by PCP......!!!
    Enjoy your shooting....!!!

    Malan :jump3 :jump3 :love
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