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    Friend of mine bought a QB36-2, so we tested it out on a farm on Wednesday.
    I must say I was impressed. This dude could hit a 20c coin at 22m using OPEN SIGHTS !!! Ok, it only happened once (on the first try), and the coin was gone afterwards, so we had to shoot at other targets like matchboxes, tin cans etc. But once the gun was zeroed at a distance, it was hard to miss. I also fired a few shots with it, and was surprised by the accuracy.

    So this is where you experts come in. How easy/hard is it to strip the rifle. It just need to be cleaned, because it seems like there is an truckload of grease and oil in the rifle.
    Any advise on this matter will be appreciated.
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    I have had my QB36-2 for about a year now and am still quite happy with it.... It broke a spring once and I fixed it with parts you buy locally for R 70.-......, which included some parts I have not even replaced.... With it you get rifle oil and a good quality cleaning rod and brushes.... The kit must be marked 36-2, which is for the higher power rifle....
    Accuracy is some 15mm out to 20m, but I could not get decent groups over 35m.... I use a basic 4 X 32 scope on it but would not trust it past 30m for hunting.... Energy is still 15 ft.pound with JSB's 8.4gr., and I have put more than 2500 pellets through the barrell, and it's still improving....
    Rough like an uncut diamond, but good value for money....
    My next project is to do a deep strip and polish, because the barrell is good and the trigger improves with use....
    A bit noisy and jumpy, but a good back-up to keep refining your basic drills in shooting....

    Malan :jump3 :jump3 :jump3 :love
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    I do have my QB36 about 3 years now and did shoot it alot it is very accurate with the open sights can hit any target at 25m. It is easy to open up and to repair. Dont like scopes.
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