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    Can any one give me a good reason for this ? On sunday , due to no 30mm scope mounts , I took my Gamo 400 to the club shoot . I checked zero & chronied it at 25 m , 505f/s . About normal , last time out was 496 f/s .

    During the shoot I battled , a lot of the targets were between 18 & 30 m , should have been no problem . BUT it was on & off all the time . I was pissed off with12/30 . Took it to the chrony range & started checking dead on for 5 or six shots , ( +/- %00 f/s ) then for no reason 50mm low & 468 f/s , shoot a few more low , but slowly getting quicker , then back on zero & 500 f/s for a few shots , then all of a sudden down again .

    Wha on earth is going on . Its fairly well run in , 5000 pellets , A A field diabolo .

    Please , tell me what to do , I love it & dont want to bin it , BUT a dodgy gun is no good to any one .

    :messed: ~ &|
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    Had exactly the same problem with my Gamo 440. Was a tiny rip in the breech seal from the barrel closing catch. About R15.00 for a new one, had a bit of trouble getting the old one out though. In the end I stabbed it with a jewellers screwdriver and pried it out carefully not to make any burrs on the steel spigot. Added a smear (tiny tiny amount) of Q20 to the new one to get it to seat properly.

    Anyways, just my version. Hopefully its nothing too expensive if this doesn't help.

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    Another reason may be a dirty barrel. Get some surgical spirit. A piece of 30 lb gut and some .22 cleaning cloths cut in half. Use a slipknot on the gut and pull through until the cloth stays clean. Then pull through about two dry cloths and to finish it off you can use a cloth lightly sprayed with Q20 just once. You will be surprised what difference it makes.
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    Thanks , I'll have a really good look at the seal .

    About 4 days before , I cleaned the barrel , obviously it was filthy , & my scope had to be re-zeroed , as the rifle was shooting about 3 inches higher .
    The thing was the eratic shooting , thats my concern . The barrel when dirty was still fairly accurate , well within a 25mm circle at 25m 20shots . Thats fairly good for me , free holding the rifle .
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