I had a huge increase in rats over the past 2 weeks.
Saturday evening I set up my bench & rest, 25m from garage, soft light in garage, 2 beers and patience. 09h00 first rat, could'nt get clear shot, passed it over, about 10h30 two rats at the bait station! The one at the back ducked under a piece of wood and I shot the first one above the shoulder. It jumped and I missed where it went. I heard the scratching noise as it was trying to hide behind some stored planking and I dispatched it with my Gamo airpistol. Dispatched it in the dustbin. Yesterday the missus complained about awful smell in garage. Found other rat under the piece of timber where it had crawled. Dead as doornail and bloated yuk! Had to move all the scrap wood to get to the bugger and almost hurled!
shot it through the ar@e i think as I could find no other entry or exits. If I had made certain of the first shot and checked the gap beneath the wood i may have found the other rat there and prevented the pong!