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    Default Gamo 400 Barrel seal

    You guys are great . I posed the question about the zero dropping erratically as did the f/s. I think it was Ice who suggested I look at the barrel seal .

    Today in good light I looked & saw a wanked seal !

    I messed about with a leatherman & found it came out quite easily . I decide to try & reverse it , put a tiny dab of silicone grease onto it & popped it in .

    Spent 10 minutes getting the rifle back to zero , fired about 150 pellets all within 25mm circle at 20metres . I actually dressed the seal face with a smear ( very little ! ) of silicone grease , maybe delay the damage . Meantime I've ordered a few more seals .

    If this one went at 5000 pellets , I suppose a change at 4000 would stop the irritation of wondering what on earth has gone wrong , suspecting the scope of taking a dive .

    The wealth of knowledge shared here is fantastic . Most gunsmiths are not forthcoming with this sort of info & one would probably pay way more than the actual worth of the repair if one went there for help .

    Like one prominent gunshop in Durban , who told me that the reason my airgun would'nt zero was because I could'nt shoot . Gavin & Andre fixed the problem in one second , use a quality pellet ! Sadly for that shop I & all of my mates will never again shop there !

    This site & FT are in for a good long fun filled life here in SA . :shoot:
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    good to hear gerry.........

    hope you will get those 30mm mounts's about time we get into some serious shooting.
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    Urabus , Yeah , I'm sick of plinking with Andre's loan 4 x 30 fixed scope . I rev him every week about the mounts .
    Mind you , its giving me time to run the AA 400 in with the Boxers , about another 100 to go & its a 1000 down . then I'll start looking for a serious zero shooting pellet .

    The boxers are surprisingly good , off hand 10 to 15 mm groups at 20m . mostly under that , but there is always the brain fade , you know , watching some thing in the background through the scope while you're doin the trigger .

    Got an indian myna on saturday at my mates farm on the stable roof just on 30 large paces away , dead rest accross a handy tractor bonnet . The rest of the flock disappeared instantly . Clever buggers , they get to recognise a dude with a gun & vacate the place . Still , I'll give it another go in a week or two .

    See you round , Gerry
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