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    Rest in Peace Mike 05/12/2014

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    Wouter de Vos.
    Passed away 14 September 2006.
    Our deepest sympathies to Anne, children and grand children.

    Oom Wouter you will be deeply missed by thousands in the shooting community for your dedication to the shooting sports.
    Builder of Durban Deep Rifle Club, manager and chairman for many years. Founder member and Hon.President of The South African Air Rifle Association,top competitor father of champions manager and mentor and friend.

    You encouraged schools and made it possible for them to use your range for many years,you were always helping someone , you were committed and ethical in everything you did.The kids loved you.

    Oom Wouter you were "The Giant" of our sport.

    Mike Potgieter, family and SANSSU.
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    We hereby pay tribute to one of the stallwarts of target shooting


    We knew Oom Wouter for nearly 15 years at the Durban Deep Club.. Full of nonsense if you do not behave, but he had a heart of GOLD for shooting. He encouraged schools to start shooting ISSF 50m ( In the days of cadett rifles). He even funded the purchase of paper for the target from his own pocket, just so that shooting will not run out of target..

    The Wouter de Vos Clubhouse at Durban Deep is truely missing a "pillar"

    We can only wish that the people who continues in target shooting, can take a few good lessons out of the life of Oom Wouter, and make our sport a WINNING sport

    Oom Wouter we salute you!

    Adriaan, Annerien, Anzia, Erhardt Snyman
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