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    Did anyone happen to go through the Boksburg newspaper (advertiser) yesterday?? Nice little clipping someone put in there about airguns :rude:
    I'll try and upload it later, but the general consensus is that airgunners are irresponsible and should be banned :shoot:
    Apparently some kids in the neighbourhood are shooting the resident?s dogs and birds in full sight of the owners.
    Newspaper reply pending saps inquiry!!!
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    The parents should be prosecuted ...
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    I read it in TS the other day.
    Idiots are everywhere.
    How many people are killed daily in car accidents by said idiots? - don't seeing them calling for a car ban though.

    Prosecute the idiots and leave the decent people alone.

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    I totally agree that a motor vehicle accident does not lead to the banning of vehicles, however, the occurrence of an accident is exactly than, an incident without intension.

    Cruelty to animals and shooting of animals with unsuited equipment occurs with intent and that is the problem. Not to mention there are millions of uniformed people out there who believe that hunting and hunters are the lowest form of life and voice this opinion as they stuff their hypocritical mouths cow, sheep and chickens. To worsen the implications of this there is a perception that airguns, are the tools of delinquents and sadists. And with this will come a formidable movement to have them banned or at the very leased licenced.

    It is not enough for people so say that this type of behavior is unacceptable and not practiced by me. I, the collective whole, must participate in the removal of these individuals from their vague association with the interests of genuine practitioners. How at this point is unclear.

    Possible considerations would include licencing or a mandate of owner association to a recognized organization. But for now I would strongly recommend and support a change in the media and this will only be accomplished through action.

    As I believe that most people on this forum know by now I am an avid animal lover and I believe most of the member are to. It is time we dissociate ourselves with the much publicized hooliganism and possibly even encourage these individuals to become part of a responsible air weapon society. Through education and organized events we can teach the individual the ?art? of hunting and the competition of target shooting.

    The time is drawing near when the decision to act will be taken from our hands and placed in the hands of the authorities ? licencing.

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