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    Hey guys, a couple of you recomended the S400 when I was looking for advice on what to buy. Well I,m pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of the above mentioned kit but the purpose of this thread is more to do with who I bought it from. To those of you who are iether looking for a rifle or have plans to invest in one, allow me to return the favour by recomending Guido. He is an accomplished shooter and he clearly has a passion for the sport and furthermore represents a wealth of knowledge on the subject which I found particularly useful. Anyway we assest my requirements and budget ( a limited one at that) and he gave me a great deal on the S400 and scope and he even fitted the scope and tested the rifle before giving it to me. Needless to say I have big time piece of mind and a kickass rifle and best of all the salesman wasn,t the steriotype shark, instead, he was one of us!
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    Guido is a very nice guy! and he does give you the best deal in town!!!
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    Yes , I think you'll find that all of the regulars on this forum are absolute top drawer folk .

    They are good people .
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