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    I wanted to replace some allen bolts that I damaged while changing the regulator on my Steyr and also wanted a weaker striker spring to use in my High Power. So I contacted Guido and he said no problem he will put in my order for the parts with his next order from Steyr. Me being very impatient, I contacted Steyr directly and asked if they could supply me the parts. They promptly answered my email and indicated that they will post the parts and I should send them my address.

    I sent them my address and a request for the balance that I would need to pay for the parts. They replied with saying that they will post the the parts to me the next day at no charge. This I did not expect, but it was very nice. A week later my parts arived. That for me was just amazing. :thumbsup

    If only we could have that kind of back up service from all the brands in SA (excluding AA, they are also very good with the usual next day delivery ) :claphead

    Thanks very much to Steyr and Karl who I dealt with
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    my experience with German, Swiss and Austrian companies has always been extremely positive...

    Not so with others...still waiting for Logun to reply to my email..
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