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    I received the newsletter from Geoffrey at Bulldog and I have a few questions.

    Firstly , regarding dry-firing , I was also brought up beig told never to dry fire an airgun. It makes sense , the energy generated by the spring has to go somewhere , and if there is no pellet to propel , the energy goes elsewhere , causing damage.

    On Gamo's website (I have a CF-X ] they claim all their rifles can indeed be dry fired.
    I obviously don't dry fire it (old habits ...) , but it seems on some rifles it is OK.
    Or am I understanding the whole thing wrong ?

    Another question I have is about oiling the barrel.
    In the newsletter , and all my friends and salesmen here claim you should never oil the barrel of an airgun.
    I downloaded the Canadian Cadet Marksmanship school's handbook, and they claim you should soak a felt pellet in SAE30 , then fire it through your barrel, followed by 3-4 dry felt pellets , to remove the excess oil, leaving you with a microscopic layer of oil in your beloved barrel.

    Who should I believe ?
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    Hello Eraserhead
    Welcome to the Forum, here is a good site to catch up with air rifle tips and techniques, especially springers....
    As far as oiling is concerned, have a look at the article on "Making a new springer ready to shoot"..... Your questions will be answered as you go along.... There is also a difference whether you oil the barrel only, or whether oil is allowed into the compression chamber of the springer......
    Usually you will find that only magnum springers cause serious detonation, and can mostly be ascribed due to firing with lightweight pellets.... Use pellet weights of at least 8.4grain on your CFX, preferably the 10.3grain or heavier.....
    Dry firing can be done, but rather put the end of the barrel into dense foam or mattress to absorb the blast..... This is to absorb the energy released from the piston onto the front of the compression chamber.....
    Happy reading and shooting.....!!!!

    Malan :smokin :smokin :smokin
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