Wow , after not doing any shooting since early september , it was magic to play again yesterday .

My collar bone is sore , but I can use my right arm again , although not much strength yet .

I shot my Gamo AF10 a couple of weeks ago , one hand , weak side , unsupported , loading & cocking it one handed . a bit of a job , but fun.

Yesterday I played with my ancient Gecado 25 , probably shot about 100 pellets , with its ancient home made sights , but it was fun . Makes one feel good .


The reason I used that & not the AA 400 , was because its so light to hold , easy to cock and not too much spring kick .

By last night my shoulder was eeeina , but just sore from lots of use .


I collected my Suzuki , and washed Lesotho's dust off it . Just got to put the grips on and collect the front brake master cylinder from the engineering shop . It was broken in the crash , and Alex is welding it up for me .


Its good to be back in action .


Only another 6 weeks in SA then its off to live in UK .