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Thread: Getting your knife sharp? (my process of sharpening to shaving sharp/mirror finish)

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    Depends on the edge thickness and angle. Light pressure as i use it will fold leather lightly around the edge, so i think we are talking about the same? Maybe firm not hard pressure. I don't remove the burr with the strop i remove... or fail to remove the burr with my final stone, then polish the edge with a strop, if the burr remains i call it a stuffup, others dont... will shave but bend as you cut something else... all this becomes moot at angles of 20deg per side and larger. A strop wont damage those edges easily... a buff could if you are being very forceful
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    hmmmm maybe its just me I dont know, but this all seems overly complex, for the majority of my knives to get shaving sharp
    All I use is the Bench-made guided field sharpener,
    its pretty small and compact has a rough diamond Plate, a smoother diamond plate and a Ceramic rod and a leather strop all in one.
    But Generally speaking all I have to do is mostly strop the knife on Ceramic, then strop on the leather part, Stropping I find only works if you use a stropping compound, I managed to find one the use for razors, and that one works ok on the strop.
    Most my knives I dont use the Guides for sharpening, although if I did it would be a 25 degree angle which is Ok, but I tend to get better results by putting the blade on the Stone or, diamond plate or ceramic then just tilt it till the edge is making decent contact, this become easy over time as you get used to it,
    its especially important when you have varying grinds on your knives,
    I have a whole host of Saber grinds, flat grinds, scandi grinds ext. and vary between 17-25 degrees and some will work better than others for some knives...

    but here is my kabar beker bk2 (1095c), that I only hand sharpen, never used a guide, and over 2 years old.. and you can see the performance


    and here is a condor bushlore (out of 1075 with a scandi, that is also hand sharpened by me in the same fashion)

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