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Thread: Licencing of Air rifles

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    Default Licencing of Air rifles

    I am not sure about this : do you need a licence for a .20 calibre airrifle?
    What is your interpretation of the law ?
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    Admin edit: Airguns and the Law in South Africa ~ Air Rifle SA Forums

    .22 air rifles are being sold from certain gunshops with no licence since 5.5mm is stamped on the barrel .
    The law states you need a licence for .22 \5.56mm or larger, unless it shoots at below 6ft\lbs.

    Cant imagine a .25 shooting sub 6ft\lbs!!
    Trajectory like a slingshot.

    .20 needs no licence
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    And as Guido knows, I DON'T share the 5.55mm view. I have spoken to Hennie at Target Specialists who confirmed to me that 5.55mm .22 airguns NEED A LICENCE !!!!
    Look at it another way, what calibre pellets do these guns shoot ? It's .22 pellets !
    Tell those Gunshops saying that you don't need a licence to put it in writing. Another Gunshop (CamDix) confirmed to me that they WILL NOT sell a nr2 airgun without a licence whether it's stamped 5.55 or 5.56 mm.
    I have spoken to the lady in charge of Firearm apps in Alberton Police, who agrees that it's a very dangerous line to be walking but isn't sure. She took my details and "promised" to come back to me after confirming about the 5.5xmm issue with Pretoria Central FireArms Registry.
    As soon as they come back to me I will post the info.

    .20 needs no licence , just as Guido said.

    <span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Tue Jul 20 2004, 02:32PM ]</span>
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    Just by the way,
    Alberton Field Target WILL NOT ALLOW ANY .22 AIRGUNS
    That view is also shared by most of the other clubs
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    I just spoke to Superintendent Erasmus (0123536268) in Pretoria.
    Here is the outcome :
    .177 no licence
    .20 no licence
    .22 (stamped 5.56) - a licence
    Now ... any airgun with a barrel diameter of 5.5x (be it 3,4 or 5) developing more that 8 Joules WILL require a licence. It is illegal to sell a 5.55mm airgun without a licence if it develops 8 Joules or more.
    To all those who own 5.55mm airguns, now is the time to go back to the gunshops and demanding your money back or to "drop" the power !

    Why did I go through all this trouble just to verify this, I would hate to see the laws on ALL AIRGUNS changed because of a grey area that seems to be misunderstood by most gunshops and fellow airgunners. Think back a few years, 1 day you didn't need a licence for a .177 airgun and the next day you did .... I had to surrender my Spring Piston airgun to Despatch Police in the Eastern Cape. Would hate to have to apply for a licence now...
    Another thing ... not understanding the law is not an excuse !
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