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Thread: Any Lawyers on here?

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    Default Any Lawyers on here?

    We need to have our club's indemnity form checked by a lawyer. Can anybody help plz? &|

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    Eish Lewis
    What a difficult one.
    Pls send, I'll inquire to see if I can help. If I may a suggestion.
    The most important issue is insurance (which is difficult to obtain due to the nature of the sport and the perceived risk from insurance agencies) for air rifle shooting. At our club (Hooooowl Hoooooowl!!) it is compulsory to belong to an official organization that does have an insurance scheme for example SAMSSA, SAPSA, CTSA or SAGA. Each of these have a third party claim cover to the value of 1m bucks. Not much but some peace of mind.

    Chow! Hoooowl!!!

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    Thanks Stof. Will phone you tomorrow.

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