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Thread: Benjamin Marauder PCP Pistol Modifications

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    Default Benjamin Marauder PCP Pistol Modifications

    Benjamin Marauder Pistol Modifications

    Below is a typical description of the standard package:

    Benjamin Marauder Air Pistol
    1-year limited warranty
    8-shot PCP with shrouded barrel & shoulder stock extension.
    • Benjamin Marauder pistol .22cal
    • Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP)
    • 8-rd circular magazine with auto-indexing
    • 11mm dovetail
    • Integral shroud makes this a VERY quiet gun
    • 12" choked barrel delivers superior accuracy
    • Raised aluminum breech for easy loading of the clip
    • 2-stage adjustable match trigger...and the trigger is heat treated metal!
    • 1.5-3lbs. trigger pull adjustability
    • Uses 2,900 psi compressed air
    • Built-in pressure gauge
    • Tank ends with quick-disconnect Foster fitting for fast refills
    • 65cc (4 cu in) reservoir
    • Ideal for hunting small quarry up to 33 yds away
    • No open sights, so you'll need a scope or dot sight
    • Marauder pistol clips are not interchangeable with the Marauder rifle clips...and vice versa
    • Includes shoulder stock extension but not the degasser tool
    Accurate, powerful,'s everything you want from a high-quality PCP pistol. And, it doesn't come at a high price.

    • Loudness: 2-Low-Medium
    • Weight: 3.40 lbs
    • Barrel Length:12.00"
    • Overall Length: 18.00"
    • Capacity: 8 round(s)
    • Barrel: Rifled
    • Front Sight: None
    • Rear Sight: None
    • Scope able: 11mm dovetail
    • Apprx. Trigger Pull: 1.50 lbs
    • Suggested For: Small game hunting/plinking
    • Action: Bolt-action
    • Power plant: Pre-charged pneumatic
    • Safety: Manual
    • Repeater: Repeater
    • Body: Pistol

    The purpose of this write up is to take give you an idea of the modifications that I have done to my Marauder pistol, where I had the modifications done, where to source custom parts if need be and what the outcome / results where.

    1. Overview of the standard Marauder pistol in 5.5mm.

    The Marauder pistol in the standard format should be able to deliver about 15fpe and about 700fps on the max power setting.
    Power is adjusted by engaging a hammer tension screw from the rear end of the action; you can also adjust the stroke length by engaging a smaller screw through the same hole.
    Preferred pellets in standard power mode proved to be JSB Exact RS 13.43gn.
    All the adjustments are explained in the user manual.
    Please note that the Marauder will need imperial allen keys on all of its screws.
    The pistol comes with a carbine plastic stock which aids with accuracy giving a much more stable platform when shooting from the shoulder.
    You should be able to get a shot count of 24-32 or more depending on the power setting selected.

    2. Modification 1 – New Transfer Port

    I asked Wian Schoonwinkel to assist me in turning a new transfer port for the Marauder, and in no time he made me a new brass transfer port with a port hole of about 2.8mm if I remember correctly. If you do not have access to a lathe or someone who has one you can just drill out the standard transfer port. With the action removed you will see a blue port exposed, this is the transfer port.

    Standard Marauder Transfer Port.

    This modification pushed the power to about 800fps using the JSB RS Pellets.

    3. Modification 2 – Power Hammer Spring

    I sourced a hammer spring from GMac Customparts.

    Power Hammer Spring

    The spring arrived and was fitted without difficulty.
    A quick chrony session confirmed the new velocity of about 850fps using standard JSB RS pellets.
    I decided to try some JSB Exact 15.9gn and to my surprise the velocity did not drop much giving me a starting velocity of about 825fps.
    After a few chrony strings it was evident that the Marauder was now using way to much air giving me only about 8 usable shots where the extreme spread was not to high.
    I also notice a decline in accuracy when using the lighter JSB pellets and decided to stick to the JSB 15.9gn pellets. After witnessing the decline in shot count I pondered the idea of adding more air to the standard 65cc.

    4. Modification 3 – Adding additional air source

    I visited the paintballshop in centurion to have a look at the available options on hpa buddy cylinders.
    Eventually taking into consideration the sizes of the bottles, I opted for a 13cu bottle.

    13cu Buddy Bottle
    At first I couldn’t decide whether to cut the Marauder cylinder and have “dog leg” adapter made or to combined the two cylinders using some sort of inter connector.
    I approached Kevin from Airvolution with my problem and he eventually came up with a brilliant idea of making an adapter that will screw into where the current pressure gauge screws in and in turn attach the gauge to the adapter. Thereby not damaging the original rifle and also be able to use the original filling port.
    He also made a bottle band attaching below the original barrel band, thereby aiding in stabilizing the air cylinder.
    Kevin was very helpful, patient and understanding of my needs and I was very with the end result.
    After receiving the rifle back I had a few shots and discovered that the Marauder would not group, not even nearly acceptable.
    I contacted Kevin and I decided to have a new barrel fitted.

    Buddy Bottle Fitted

    5. Modification 4 – New Barrel

    After having the buddy bottle added and discovering the crappy grouping I took the rifle to Kevin a few days later. We discussed my needs and Kevin promised to sort out my problem.
    Kevin eventually fitted a smooth final twist choked barrel.
    I had a few test shots at Kevin’s place shooting at 25 meters and I got one hole groupings without even trying really hard.
    All I can say is I was very impressed and it was more than I could have hoped for. I had some time to take a few shots in order to check the shot count and from 200bar down to about 150bar I got 4 mags or 32 shots, I will do a full test at a later stage with some chrony strings as well.
    I also got one of Kevin’s silencers to use on the rifle; these are also of excellent quality and works really well.
    As the plastic fore end had to be removed for the bottle addition the rifle looked a bit bare and I decided to speak to a friend in shooting and able stock maker Rudi Joubert (Colonel).

    6. Modification 5 – Custom Walnut Stock

    I went to visit Rudi to discuss my options for building a custom stock for the Marauder. As he also owns a Marauder and has built himself a stock, I felt more than confident that he was the right man for the job.
    Man was I not disappointed, this man is a true craftsman of note. Making sure he knew what I wanted he quickly made a few sketches and eventually mailed me some ideas. We met once more to make a few final decisions before final cutting started.

    One of the draft drawings.

    After all the final decisions was made the work started for Rudi and he kept me up to date along the way keeping me happy and making me more and more anxious to see the final product.

    First shaping done

    First round of sanding done

    First Coating of oil

    Rudi really did outstanding work to build this stock for me and it turned out even better than I thought possible. The stock adds beautifully to the balance and best of all, no more crappy plastic grips and of course no more pistol but more of a carbine / baby monster thingy with a nice piece of wooden craftsmanship attached to it.

    The final product

    Was this a cost effective upgrade? I don’t think so, it was more like a snowball effect with every small change affecting something else and like I told Rudi after I picked up the rifle from him when the stock was completed, I wish I started with a better rifle... Also when selling a rifle the modifications are not really considered in value by prospective buyers but only the initial cost of the rifle. In the end I am glad I went through this process because I now have for now a one of a kind marauder with some nice wood and accuracy to match. I hope you have enjoyed this journey with and please comment and post questions should you have any.
    I wish to thank all the guys involved in helping me along the way, Wyan Schoonwinkel, Kevin Strauss and Rudi Joubert without you guys and your craftsmanship skills this project would not have been possible..

    I will do final testing and update the thread accordingly..
    P.S. - Please Excuse my crappy photos decent camera was not available..
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    Flippet Dieter,dit lyk moerse nice.Well done
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    - That is VERY nice!
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    Net wat ek wil he Wragtig pragtig
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    You have created a beautiful rifle Dieter. I do not think you will ever want to sell this one.
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    I really cannot take credit for this the only thing I did myself was put the hammer spring in. And the itch to have the mods done..
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    It's a Theoben Marauder !

    Baie nice! Ek sal die naweek so 'n paar skote MOET vat met daai een!
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    excellent !!!
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    Don't forget the daystate influence.. It's a joy to shoot and handle, pushed 4 mags through it last night and it hits a coffee tin filled with sand with some authority, even knocked it over once..
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    Ok Ok, so It's a Theostate Marauder..... Jy sal nou daai gun se blommetjie van voor af moet pluk....
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    Nice write up. Enjoy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blouhond View Post
    Ok Ok, so It's a Theostate Marauder..... Jy sal nou daai gun se blommetjie van voor af moet pluk....
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    Awesome mod!!!
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    Hope you dont mind Rudi and Dieter - but I have access to better quality photos sent to me by Rudi - here are a few stunning ones - Rudi is a thorough stockmaker

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    Stunning work !

    Just a keep it that way

    Use a dry paint brush, to dust off all the crud in and around the scope area, rail, etc, as that close up shot showed a lot of detritus...and just ever sparingly use "3 in 1" drop of oil on those allen bolts to keep rust away.. ;-)

    PS: Alignment of air bottle is not parallel ??
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