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Thread: Webley Value Max & Scope Mounting

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    Rest In Peace Vincent

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    Default Webley Value Max & Scope Mounting

    What is the difference between a Webley Value Max and a Hatsan Striker?

    Nothing, they are both the same thing except the Webley is sold as a 5.0mm and the Hatsan as a 4.5mm. The Striker has a more striking stock.

    The rifle configuration is similar to the Gamo Hunter 440.
    The Gamo has a 25mm bore.
    The Webley/Striker a 27mm bore.

    My gas ram shaft for the Gamo is 119mm.
    My gas ram shaft for the Webley/Striker is 107mm.
    My gas ram shaft for the intermediate Hatsan is 129mm.

    The Webley/Striker has a shorter stroke than the Gamo, and much shorter than the Hatsan intermediate engine in Models 55, 60, 70, 80, 85, 88, 95, 99.

    The trigger group is improved on the Gamo trigger used up to 2008 (steel trigger).
    Hatsan has made the safety engagement automatic.

    The Striker I gas rammed and modified this morning was fitted with the MZE Gamo trigger which is a vast improvement on the Webley/Striker offering.

    The piston, top hat, mainspring and rear spring guide are pure Hatsan and are of very high quality. Hatsan have eliminated the classical Gamo bend 8 coils from the end of the mainspring.

    These rifles do not have provision for secure mounting of a scope. They are fitted with a Philips screw and plate as a recoil stop. The screw usually shears off: the assembly being as useful as a dose of piles.
    Provision must be made for secure scope mounting by drilling "dimples" into the receiver to match the recoil stop/s in the scope mount. Blueing makes it look a whole lot better than raw steel.

    So, if anyone wants an enhanced Gamo Hunter 440, BAM B19, XS19, etc., at a price that Gamo can only dream of, get the Webley Value Max or Hatsan Striker.
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    Rest In Peace Vincent

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    Remove the scope and mount.
    Remove the scope from the mount.
    Unscrew the recoil stop screws so that the scope mount can be positioned just before the scope groves on the receiver widen out.
    Tighten the side Allen screws to secure the mount to the receiver.
    Sharpen one of the recoil stop grub screws to a point.
    Screw it into the scope mount to mark the position of each recoil stop grub-screw position.
    Remove the scope mount.
    Use an electric drill to make 3 depressions in the receiver where the grub screws will fit into the receiver.
    Try to get 3 grub screws slightly longer than those supplied with the scope mount. They are too short.
    Position the scope mount so that all 3 grub screws engage in the depressions you have made.
    Tighten the side Allen screws.
    Back the 3 recoil stop screws out of the mount and give them a touch of blue Loctite, then tighten them.
    Fit the scope to the mount.
    Leave for 24 hours.
    The scope and mount will not move and will remain secure.
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    Rest In Peace Vincent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
    This is very good info Vincent. It should really find it's way into a tech section here.
    Hi Andrew, the above instructions apply to the Nikko Stirling 1 piece mount.

    Gamo and Hawke mounts and many others only have 1 recoil stop screw. Hawke is 5mm and Gamo 6mm diameter. They are both too short and must be replaced by longer grub screws. The Hawke screw is pointed and the Gamo one is stepped at the end to reduce diameter where it fits into the receiver.

    Where the 1 piece mount has no recoil stop grub screw, you should either replace it, or drill and tap very carefully to position a recoil stop grub screw.
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    Rest In Peace Vincent

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    The typical scope stops are nothing but rubbish.
    They are usually made of plastic, and end up with the recoil stop screw angled backward as a result of recoil.
    I usually throw them away, even when fitted to new rifles.

    When shooting a springer one has to eliminate everything except operator error.

    You need:
    A good trigger;
    Secure scope mount/s;
    Quality pellets.

    Having got the basics right, you can now concentrate on technique.
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