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Thread: Trigger adjustment for HW97K

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    Default Trigger adjustment for HW97K

    I have managed to eliminate the crawl on the second stage of the trigger and as they say, it breaks like glass.

    I have use a torx tool and turned the screw clockwise roughly 1 turn. Note you have to strip the stock form the rifle part, the second stage screw is hidden away. It is not the big screw behind the trigger, that would be your first stage setting screw.

    Question however, is it possible to adjust the (weight of the trigger pull) on the HW97K. I do not want it to lite (100g or so) but a bit lighter than what it is now would help a lot.

    Should the second stage setting screw be adjusted even further?

    Many thanks
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    How old is the rifle MCJ?

    My 97 changed constantly during a couple tins of pellets. After that it was the sweetest trigger. I guess mine was perhaps polished a little too well to begin with. Or maybe it was lubed too much.

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    The rifle is about two months old and have about 1000 rounds through it.

    Got some info from a knowledgeable guy over the weekend that there is nothing wrong with the trigger. I feel more comfortable now and enjoy the rifle very much.

    Thanks to everyone who helped out.
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    Hey MCJ..hold on to that shoots very well
    ANd that stock has a really nice grain...definitely needs to be stripped and oiled.
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    Thanks for all the help and advise Guido, for a novice like me and many others, its always nice to get an informed opinion.

    I agree with you on the stripping of the stock. From what I understand its a long proses if you want good results so, I will only start with the stock during the rainy and stormy winter months in front of the fire place with the conpany of a nice cabernet. At this point in time it will intefear with summer shooting and who knows we might have the previledge of another shoot one of these days soon.

    Andre mentioned something about a place on the N7.

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