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Thread: Dealer info / feedback?

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    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone dealt with the mail order company 'all about airguns' in Cape Town?
    About to buy a HW75 and just want to make sure all is above board etc....(cash first then wait for gun)


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    REP: The Airgun Shop

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    Just contact me, and I will send you some details of the guys who have done business with us. Then you can contact them yourself. I don't have an issue with that. There are way too many dodgy people out there...
    Like Ben said we will deliver the gun personally. If you want you can join us for a day at the range, if you need to check us out first :-)

    Sometimes we work on COD, depending on our relationship with the customer. We've had some recent bad experiences, where people ordered rifles, and then when it is time to pay, they supposedly don't have the money, or want to negotiate a new deal (normally less than cost).

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    Hi Farmer,

    That's ok, will eft the money for the HW75 tomorrow, also looking at a new rifle (Ben has recomended a couple!)


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