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    My Gamo does'nt like N / S Scopes . Broken 2 so far .

    Have given up with scopes , & put the day glo open sights back on .

    My old eyes are a bit fuzzy now but at 20 metres I can get them all on a 25 x 25 mm swinger . 8)

    Arlaz Blue tin pellets with Napier work pretty good .

    Good enough for the ( scarce ? ) indian mynas . :shoot:

    I wonder what scopes Gamo recomend ? :?

    Its been a bit of a problem , not shooting the springer too often any more , kinda think its me shootin bad when the pellet is all over the place . A good shake & the tell tale rattle is all the bad news you need .

    Oh well , we live & learn , go forward & then 2 steps back .

    Its life I guess ! :messed:

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    You can buy a 'Gamo' scope, but I think it's just a rebranded Hawke.

    Love shooting my Gamo, feels a bit more alive than my PCP. I have a Nikko Stirling Gold Crown 2-7x44 on mine. Think it was R600.00 new - had about 17 000 shots and still going strong. The rifle itself had a new piston seal around the 15 000 mark. Then a new breech seal about every 5 000.<touch wood>


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    Yes , its a great little gun to shoot . I turned the barrel seal around at 4700 , ordered new ones . Yes , the N / S Gold Crown 2-7 x 40 was a great scope , but sadly fragile . ( 2 down ? )
    One day I'll try a Hawke on it & see . Some one , maybe Urabus will be flogging a second hand one .
    I lubed my spring & trigger with Wynns charge , made a huge difference , smooth to cock & shoot . I've used Wynns on my combat R4 for years . Not allowed to make any mods , so next best thing was to try different lubes .
    I swear by it .
    Maybe thats what caused the scopes to break , maybe introduced some sort of different oscilations ? ?

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    try BSA AR range (air rifle).......
    i've got them on my problems yet.
    btw, Gamo owns BSA guns & optics.

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    what type of lube is this "charge"?
    best grease to use on springers (behind the piston washer) moly grase aka cv joint grease. eg castrol ms grease (lithium based containing molybdenum). just remenber less is definitely more here. for dampening the "twang" try open gear/chain wax/lube on the mainspring.

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    Had a bad experience with a Gamo Hunter 440 three years ago. It was so bad, it actually put me off spring air rifles for a full two years untill I met the HW97k. It used to shoot all over the place and it was so bloody inacurate, to be honest, that I sold it for a song just to get it off my face. The 97K actually restored my faith in spring air rifles. I agree with Guido, PCPs actually do not communicate with you. They are accurate and nice to shoot mind you, but, basically they are "dead". No feeling! A springer kicks you a little and wakes you up. That's why I will always have a good quality (German made) springer in my stable. I sold my HW97k to a very nice guy in Pretoria (he also bought the Venom Tuning Kit that I had bought for the 97k) and I've just ordered an HW80k, which will be supertuned (using a Venom Maglaza Kit), and heavily customised with a new Jim Maccari Stock, brass trigger, Brass trigger guard and adjustment screw and forend screw cup kit - I know it will be a "Kick-A***" machine.

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