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    I wonder if anybody can tell me if there is any instatution in SA (Pretoria) that gives training in gunsmithing. I have searched the internet but with no luck. I retired (sress) from the SAPS 3 years ago and need to start a new career. Can anybody give me any information eg. if there is such a course, duration or if one must simply do an internship. In other words how do I become a gunsmith?
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    not a very profitable career to be following in anti-gun SA at the moment since there will be fewer and fewer firearms around...unless you are specifically looking at working on air weapons
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    I know a gunsmith personally and he recons if it wasn,t for paintball and airguns, he would really be in the dwang! My advice to you is, if you are young enough and hell bent on gunsmithing, get qualified and get out!
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