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    I would just like to extend a public apologies to those people have been very patiently waiting for the repairs/ tuning of their rifles (some since last year) at, as there are now 8 rifles wating in the line (my gun cabinet/ and workshop looks like a war zone)!

    I have not been sleeping on the job :sleepgo , I had a very hectic finnish to the year with everybody wanting there building site finnished befor Christmas and I have been very blessed with a lot of work coming in in Jan/ Feb of the new year.

    I have been going flat out on doing hard physical work on site every day and feel totaly finnished in the evenings.

    So My apologies to Taz, James Reid and Guiseppe, I will have your rifles out asap under the circumstances, so I can stop feeling like a :flush, and stop jumping every time the phone rings.

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    Apology taken, you're forgiven. You know you are the only specialist in the field. We have to wait to get a Warrick name on our rifles. Seriously.
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