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Thread: Alternatives to Scuba tanks

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    Default Alternatives to Scuba tanks

    Hi guys,

    I am looking at getting a pcp, but since I am on a tight budget, I was wondering what the alternatives are to having a scuba tank for air.

    I have some ideas, and would like to know what you guys think.

    Firstly what about using something like a handigas container instead of a scuba tank, I'm sure there is a good reason why no one has tried it yet, but I was just wondering.

    The other option I was looking at was the portable compressors that they sell for your car. These compressors are very cheap, provide enough pressure, and some even have air filters. So if I can get the right fittings/adapters, is there any reason why i cant use them to fil a pcp?

    Thanks guys!
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    The short answer to pretty much all of your above questions, is the items you mention won't get anywhere near the pressure you need.

    Most PCP rifles run at pressures between 100 and 230 Bar.
    Car tyre compressors will go to around 3-4 Bar. As for the gas bottles again I don't think they would be pressure rated for the levels you need (232Bar as a minimum to get a reasonable number of fills)

    There are self contained pumps available, but if your prices are comparable to ours in the UK their is very little price difference between a pump amd scuba tank set up.

    The pumps are also quite hard work and the filters on them are not of the same standard as those on the compressors that provide breathing quality air for scuba tanks.

    All the problems I have seen with internal corrosion and dust contamination on pcp's have been as a result of using pumps.
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    It is a matter of pressure at 200 bar that will have to be generated by compressor, or contained by your container that is the determining factor..... It is a cool number to look at, but when you refer to it as 3000 pounds per square inch, you will start to understand that it cannot be generated by the portable compressor or contained by the handigas container.....
    Read up on some of the past threads on Scuba tanks to appreciate the destructive force trying to play with improper apparatus and filling hoses....

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    Oh! I forgot to add a few zero's there! :-)
    I was looking at 3 or 4 bar instead of 300.
    Thanks for not stomping me like i deserve!

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    The price of a pump in SA is more than a SH scuba cylinder. Look in the junkmail for a sh cylinder, just make sure that it is in date( annual safety tests done at the scuba shop).
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