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Thread: air arms S200 magazine retro fitted system- 10 shot

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    Default air arms AA S200 magazine retro fitted system- 10 shot

    A week ago i bought the magazine system for my s200s. It works very nicly and is easy to assemble and fir. it comes with one magazine but i have ordered two more that should be arriving soon.There are no extra buttons to push to cycle the mag so it is very easy to fire fast and accuratly. I would reccomend it to any one with an s200 that would like to take it to the next level or just to have some fun.It is excellent for people looking to do some hunting and is definatly worth spending the R900 to get it. I have found the cheapest place for all airgun accesories is at guthries shooting range they have bench rest facilities that you can shoot at up to 80m and a HFT course that can be made easyer or harder for the begginers or the more advanced shooters.Ther number is (011)8053633 ask to speak to jason he runs pellet gun section.He has alot of experiance and knows what he's talking about-weihraug HW100 and Bsa hornet.
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    Shot Mr moose. You know we always here to help... :beer:
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