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Thread: New Daystate Air Rifle

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    Rest in Peace Barry 08/2012

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    Default New Daystate Air Rifle

    There is now a new Daystate Rifle designated as a MK3 Sport CDT

    Designed for HFT it is the best yet,
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    The Guru

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    Best yet...mmm...Steyr HP for HFT
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    Thing is though , to buy a Daystate over here you either need to win the lottery first, or have more money than sense. Quite fancy the Daystate M3 Sports .

    One day I'll own one - it will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.

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    psychoSven's Avatar psychoSven


    what a dream pcp, but for now its a dream i guess! think there is an article in the january airgun world about it! but one thing i want to ask myself continuesly is: why the hell does one of the best pcp's need to be battery operated!
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    Protea FT Team '06

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    the system may be more precise being electronically operated then mechanically.... the whole regulator system should be very accurate
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