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Thread: S400 Non Adjustable Field Target Stock

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    Default S400 Non Adjustable Field Target Stock


    Here's some pics of a sort of old school type FT stock. I thought it's looking interesting enough to post.


    There is also a step by step set of pictures of the build process for anybody interested in stock building. Step 15 and 16 shows the epoxy moulding of the inside. These 2 photos are actually of another stock as I forgot to take photo's of this one during the moulding, but you should get the idea.


    Quick fix hope it helps .

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    "Access Denied" is all get when I click on those links.
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    Hi Mitchjc,
    Long time no heard. Not a bad stock even for today. I would just make the cheek piece adjustable. Are you into business again with building stocks? I have met a very interesting person on Friday regarding stocks. We must talk.
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