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Thread: Scuba Cylinder Testing and Fills Directory

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    Just wanted to recommend Hardie's shop in Centurion : Paintballshop Centurion
    Filled up my cylinder there on Tuesday afternoon while I waited. Charged me R30 !!
    Excellent service , thanks

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    Prestige Dive School has moved to:
    17 Pieter Uys Street c/o Pretoria Road
    011 823 4553
    083 453 3799

    Top up R60

    They fill to 300 bar.

    Very friendly owners and great service. Top up in and out in 10 minutes.

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    Protea Benchrest (Air) Team '17/'19

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    Hydraulic Testing Services cc
    10 Olga Road
    012 660-0950
    082 676-1824
    Mr J. Barnard
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    Twin Palms in Edenvale
    25 Voortrekker Rd, Edenvale, Gauteng 1609. GPS Co-Ord: 26 08 813S & 28 09 471E

    Twin Palms Dive Emporium - Dive Club, Scuba Dive Courses, Dive School, Scuba Diving, Scuba School, South Africa

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    MOT: Thomson Pneumatic Rifles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pops View Post
    Hydro Testing Services (Dept. of Manpower approved) (SANAS Accredited)
    No:7 Kamchan Center
    175 Williams Road
    Tel:031 304 2402

    Refills R30 to 300 bar

    Excellent service while you wait.
    Price update as of the 6 July 2015

    Hydro test R 196-00 +VAT

    Visual test R 144-00 +VAT

    Fill R 36-00 +VAT
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    Scuba Scene, Lynnwood Bridge. Speak to Peet, very helpful chap. Filled to 300bar, 10-15 mins. As I recall, the fill cost about R65, but I bought a tank boot too, so I could be corrected. Air rifle use requires two-yearly test/s.
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    Hi guys, it has been a while since I have posted. This is my compressor, it is not a cheap compressor and it is in an exceptionally good condition. I am going to offer airfills to you guys at a special rate.

    Normally I ask R60, you guys will pay only R40 per air fill.

    My compressor is very well maintained, the compressor has a fill timer so I know exactly when to change my filter. I have been trading in cylinders for five years now and I can confirm that a bad compressor can destroy a good cylinder very easily.

    There are several stages of filtration that the air goes through with my compressor. First stage is a normal air filter to remove dust from the air. The second stage is a low pressure moisture trap, this moisture trap removes around 90% of the moisture in the air. From the Low Pressure moisture filter the air goes to a float piston that floats on 50 bars of oil pressure, this piston boosts the pressure from 50 bar to 300 bar. From the float piston the air goes to a larger 330 bar moisture trap with two different moisture compartments, this moisture trap removes most of the oil from the float piston and the remaining moisture that is still trapped in the air. At this point the air goes through filt > Molecular sieve > filt > Activated carbon > filt > Molecular sieve >Activated carbon > filt. At this stage, all impurities are removed and the air is suitable for scuba diving.

    You can be rest assured that the air quality is extremely good. I will soon install three massive 300 bar air banks, when installed air fills will only take a few seconds. I will never overfill a cylinder for any customer.

    My address is 822 Frhensch str Moreleta Park Pretoria, my contact number is 0842657160.

    Used Scuba Diving Cylinders:

    I also trade in used scuba diving cylinders, I guarantee my cylinders for a full year (Until the next inspection date). For the guarantee to be valid, you have to make use of a reliable filling facility and you have make use of a specified hydro facility on your cylinder certificate. Misuse does not count.

    I only sell cylinders that are in date and filled. If you want to know more, please email or call me directly. 0842657160, I am available seven days a week until 11 pm. I can also arrange courier to anywhere in SA.


    We will soon open a new hydro testing facility. There will be a pickup point in Pretoria as well as in Johannesburg. We are simply re-opening an old SANAS approved Hydro Facility that operated in the 80's. The technical signatory for the hydro facility has over 15 years experience in this field. We hope to be up and running in a few months from now. We have to go through a lengthy inspection process before the facility will be approved.

    I can still help with hydro tests and visual inspections, I make use of a temporary facility in Johannesburg. Price depends on the condition of the cylinder, if your cylinder fails it will be removed from service via drill bench... If we find time bombs we destroy them, end of story.

    Standard visual inspection, air fill and certificate: R 160

    Standard hydro test, air fill and certificate included: R 220

    Additional charges may apply.
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    Executive Safety Service
    17 Dorsetshire Street
    Paarden Eiland

    021 5108758

    Or call Nimrod 083 235 5311

    I collected 2 cylinders there today:

    7l 300 Bar - Visual inspection and fill = R 110-00

    15l 232 Bar - Visual inspection, removal of internal surface rust and fill = R200-00

    I do get a bit of a discount on the fills, been going there since 1991 ........

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    Just spoke to Dräger on the phone.

    They do refills for R75
    More importantly, they also do hydrotesting of composite cylinders, provided the cylinders are European or South African standard, not American standard.

    I can confirm that Drager has moved to

    Dräger South Africa (Pty) Ltd

    +27 21 819-3000

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    Prof. Jan Itor

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    Underwater | Scuba Scene South Africa

    Shop 5, Six Fountains Adventure Centre, Cnr Solomon Mahlangu Dr & Bendeman Blvd, SilverLakes

    +27 (0) 12 368 1324 / 1473 |

    Air Rifle Cylinders

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    Default Divetek

    Operating Hours:
    Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
    Sat: 9am – 2pm
    Closed Sunday and Public Holidays

    Top ups : R25 (for less than 100 bar)

    Fills: (anything over 100 bar)
    232 Bar - R50
    300 Bar - R65

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