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    When shooting air rifle bench at certain venues, we are forced to shared shooting space with the centrefire crowd. When this happens we have no choice but to wear ear protection.

    I have tried many different brands and types from inner ear to over ear Peltor type. None of these are ideal for me as they are so efficient that it becomes inefficient! Shooting air rifle bench I like to hear the wind as well as the RO, with most ear protection all I hear is my own breathing.

    Johan, the KGB, suggested I try the new Shooters Aid plugs, the work an absolute treat. It allows you to hear talking and other sounds almost normally, while blocking out impulse noises as caused by centrefire rifles.

    While using these at the benchrest nationals, I found another great advantage to using these, it amplifies wind noise, warning you well in advance of changing wind conditions.

    At R120 these are an absolute bargain, contact Airgun Warehouse.

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    Awesome to use in the veld when wingshooting
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    Saw them at Suburban guns for a bit more too, loked great. another product I noticed that work on a similar principle was Surefire, can be plugged if you need it to reduce all noise... Haven't tried any of these though. Must say that if shooters aid are available in SA they with their lower profile look makes good sense.

    As an aside, I have etymotic's high fidelity earplugs, which just brings all frequencies down a more or less even amount about 11dB, so in noisy environments I actually hear better, because my ear-brain connection doesn't call it quits due to over stimulation... Still have to see if it helps with my flinching though
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    I wish that these would come out with BS filters!
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