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    Default Crony accuracy

    I have a entry level crony and want to know if any of you have had different readings if compared to "better" ones, side by side?

    Mine compared to some bloke at the shooting range crony, differ by about 25fps. Both crony's had their diffusers fitted.

    I know there's alot of factors coming into play and the "test" was done in less than ideal conditions, but still i found the difference too much to be ignored.

    I know the manufactorer's allow x% tolerance and supposed the % would increase as the price of the crony comes down.

    Is there any way to calibrate a crony or check it against a more accurate medium.

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    normally the tolerance is +- 3%
    If you have an Oehler you can add a second sensor so 2 readings are compared.
    You can also space the sensors further for more accurate readings.
    For our purposes chronies are accurate enough...
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