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Thread: SAFTAA clubs and shooters

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    Default SAFTAA clubs and shooters

    Hi All,

    I would like to know a bid more about the difrent clubs in the country and their members,

    Tell me about your club,
    The club activities and where you are situated.
    Tell me about your FT set up.

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    Leewukop Airrifle club
    Situated: MIdrand next to Kyalami
    40 target FT course
    Sighting range
    Busy with Benchrest range.
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    Highway Gun Club , Hillcrest / Drummond .

    Nice range in the coffee trees , shootis from flat to uphill . We have 30 targets , chrony , 10m indoor range , mostly controlled by the friendly guys from Hillcrest Gunshop .

    We have a shoot on the first sunday of the month , start at about 8:30 , with entry , chrony , then we all go to the range . 3 guys per shooting point , 3 targets per point , we have a range controller , all shoot , when all finished , all guns in bags , then move onto next point . That way some guys start on lane one , others lane 2 etc etc . The entire shoot is over by 11:30 or so , those that want to drink beer & braai do so , those who want to shoot again may . Only first round scores are taken .

    Longest shot at this stage is about 45m , but in the trees, its very deceptive , looks far further ! 11 m shots look to be 15 to 18m in the shadows .

    Visitors can shoot 3 times at R20 per shoot , there after shoot some where else or join the club .

    Oh yes ! Once a beer is opened , you may no longer touch a weapon , or go near the range , you stay up by the garage / car park ( club house ? )

    Last shoot , top score 25 / 30 , 3 on 24 / 30 , 1 on 23 / 30 , 2 on 22 / 30 . The rest all the way down to 4 . Shoot off for 2nd , 3rd , 4th , good fun !

    We'll be having a big invite for all the foreigners , in the school hols . Just gotta set up all the local B&Bs , get the range sorted , get a party place together for a curry , & prize giving . I'm working on it , it'll happen this year .

    I'm Just busy organising the AMU international Enduro event here in kzn , that BIG stress for the next 2 months , then we'll do the organising beat for an invitation shoot . Maybe do a 2 day shoot if we can get the dates right , change the range around for day 2 , have a bonanza shoot .
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    Wolwehoek Practical shooting club
    We shoot evrything from rimfire, centerfire to shotgun, rifle and pistol.

    Airrifle includes a 10 lane Ft range, sighting range, BR on club shoots as well as metallic silhouette.

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