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Thread: Miltec-1 product.

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    Default Miltec-1 product.

    I wrote off for the free sample on their website and it arrive today with some pamphlets on just how good it is. (Usual advertising propaganda). Anyways, will try some out on the Gamo first. Apparantly it provides a non-stick non-dust kinda film on the metal. Will see how good it is.

    I received two 0.5 fluid ounce squeeze tubes. One is a grease, the other appears to be an oil.
    No idea what a fluid ounce is, but it looks about 4 teaspoons full.

    If anyone else want's some just go check out the website.

    The free sample is somewhere on the site. I remember I struggled to find it.


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    Applied some to my Gamo last week, then got round to my S400 today.
    Seems decent enough stuff. Nothing to get overly excited about though.
    The oil is kinda sticky, has a funny smell that is not particularly pleasant.
    The grease is pretty good, sticky aswell - but spreads easily.

    Don't know about dust not clinging to the oil coated parts as I'm not in the habit of digging flower beds with my rifles. Will have a look see next time I go hunting with it though.


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    Thanks for the info My free sample is on it's way

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    My surfing time are very limited and I can't find the link. Please pm it to me if you don't want to post it here. Thanx

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    Okay the oil - it's bugging me - smells like a cross between 'Old Spice' and an orange. (shudder).
    Grease is pretty good - slapped some on my bolt of the S400 - it doesn't seem to loose it's viscosity at all. Plus it smells nice! lol

    Okay - fire off an email to here

    but for the subject you MUST put this


    Supply your (a) name and postal address (it's coming from the states).

    When you get it - give the oil to someone you don't like (stop laughing Refresh) and use the grease. :>


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