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Thread: Additional SAFTAA provincials

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    Default Additional SAFTAA provincials

    The SAFTAA committee have decided to add two provincials to this years calendar, since there were none scheduled between now and 4 Oct. when the Protea team leaves for the World FT Championships in Tennessee, USA.

    The first provincial will take place at Pretoria Club's range off Eeufees Road, just South of the Voortrekker Monument on 25 August .

    The second will be a SAFTAA provincial held on 8 September. The venue will be either Wattlespring Gun Club, where the trials were held, if bench rest and silhouette can join us for a Mega Shoot. Alternatively this shoot will also be held at Pretoria Club's range.

    Please note these dates in your diary, because we intend setting up some pretty interesting and challenging ranges for those two shoots.
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    I just wonder is this not too short notice, two weeks, since previously this was an issue?
    Secondly why do we keep on challenges each other and the date of the 7, 8 September 2007 was reserved as you know, you rather try to prevent the whole club of attending a provincial shoot, I believe this is totally counter productive. SAFTAA should try to promote FT and not try to avoid it from happening? It seems like Wonderboom Club is always on the receiving end.
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