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    Well guys its been a while since I last paid you guys a visit. A bit has happened here in NZ. We have applied to WFTF and will hopefully get accepted. I was looking forward to the Worlds next year as a good reason to visit the family but to all of us in NZ's surprise it went to Northern Ireland. We were all gutted at the news. Unfortunately thats how the cookie crumbles. I've finally managed to buy a decent FT rig. After looking at the Walthers and AA's I decided to get a Steyr LG110FT. I got the FAC version and have settled it at 795fps with 8,4gr AA Fields. I'm using a Leapers 8-32X56 scope on it.

    Wasn't it great watching the Sringboks opening the World Cup with a bang? I got up at 2am this morning and enjoyed every second of it. Hopefully we will see them holding the cup at the end.
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    The Namibians also did us proud.
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