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    Does anyone know where I can buy a rigid rifle case? I contacted alpine cases about their range of rifle cases (admittedly they are aluminium) and they want R2510-00 for a carry case!!!
    that still seems a little bit crazy, all I want is something to protect my rifle PROPERLY! ~
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    the few times i've travelled by air.............i used those plastic cases (doskocil/gunguard, contico........etc) with no problems. strong enough to cope with the abuse from those clumsy security/airport staff...........

    i've also got one of those "air cushion" plano cases.......also very good, but one might struggle to fit a FT rig in them.

    personally i would recom. one of those crown cases (nikko stirling). i paid R470 for single rifle case, alu frame construction with plastic inserts, and the foam inside is def. of a higher quality. AHS supplies them.
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    phone jason my brother bought a very strong and solid case off of him they work very well. Cost him R450 i think and this will definitly protect your gun very well, it has some special locking system to stop any movement of your gun inside the case it is a very snug fit!! Would much rather spend 450 on a case that does the job that R2510 on something that might look better but do the same thing!
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    Sorry just incase you don't have his number forgot to put it on my previous post 011 8053633
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