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    I got an almost new Swarovski Z3 4-12x50 BT scope second hand for my .308 and wow am I impressed.
    The glass is better than anything I have experienced thus far, and the turret adjustments results in precisely the correct movement of the POI on the target. 4 clicks = 28mm movement @100m, exactly.

    Because I chose a 100m zero the Ballistic turret limits me to 400m, but that is all I need for this rifle. The turret is very simple to use, I can dial it to any range with my eyes closed.

    I used the ballistic software on Swarovski's site to set the turret up and then tested it out to 350m and it worked out perfectly.

    Then I went and broke the turret. It was plain and simple stupidity on my behalf, I over tightened the cap that locks the turret rings in place and broke the little plastic clip. luckily it had nothing to do with the workings of the scope , so I could use it while searching for the part.

    I decided to test Swarovski's service and emailed them directly asking for a quote on the part. I received a reply mail within the hour saying that they will gladly replace the part at their cost. Two weeks later I received a small airmail package at the post office in Pofadder. I replaced the old cap and all is well.

    Great service from Swarovski.

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    I broke the small clip in the turret of my scope a second time. This time I decided to test my local Swarovski dealer to see how the service would be like. I took the rifle with scope and showed it to them and gave them the old broken part explaining how got the replacement the first time. The dealer said they would try to get it for me. They went through their channels but after a few weeks the reply came that the Importer wanted the scope sent in. I can't do that as I shoot every day, so I told them to leave it.
    I came home, looked up the last email I got from Swarovski the previous time, replied to it saying that I broke the same part again. I recieved an reply the next morning from them saying that the part is already on it way to me via airmail, no cost.

    My next scope will probably be a Swarovski as well.

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