PLS Provides employers with the next services : Disciplinary enquiries/hearings, CCMA representation, employment contracts, policies and procedures, wage disputes, bargaining council and union assistance, strikes and many more.
• Prestige Labour Solutions specializes in labour law and we outsource our expertise to companies.

• Prestige Labour Solutions will keep up with the changes in the labour law, so that the company can concentrate on what is important, DOING UNINTERRUPTED BUSINESS.

• Our services are based on the old truth; “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

• Should the pawpaw hit the fan though, Prestige Labour Solutions will be there with hands on service and advice to make sure that you are well protected and are offered the best options in any situation.

• We will assist a company in setting up their labour law practices to make them less vulnerable in this regard.

• We will back up this assistance with excellent support and great value for money.


• “We are committed to the protection of all workers in urban and rural areas. These inspections are part and parcel of the African National Congress Government commitment and a clear indication that we will not tolerate contraventions of labour legislation. There is no place for employers to hide from us,” said Labour Director-General, Doctor Vanguard Mkosana. – I-Net Bridge. 26 January 2004 12:56

• 75% of all cases decided at the CCMA are in favour of employees.

• 97% of above mentioned is because of employers not following the correct procedures.

• Regardless of the facts; should proper procedures not be followed the employer can end up paying an employee the equivalent of twelve months’ salary.

• Labour relations can be an emotional issue for some employers; they might put a lot of effort into their employees and are shocked and horrified when those take them to the CCMA or Bargaining Councils.

• Non compliance with legislation can lead to fines up to R 500,000.00

• The intricacies of labour law, case law and its ongoing amendments call for services based on expertise and knowledge.

• Mistakes in any of these regards lead to costly litigation.

• All of this is applicable even if you employ only one person, even if it is family.
The above-mentioned does not happen because someone, be it the government or an employee is trying to get the employer in trouble. It happens because of ignorance of employers in general.

The government is not the enemy. It is only protecting all the people of this country, which is fair. Employers do have rights too; they just tend to believe that they are above the law and that it will not happen to them.

Outsourcing your labour relations management is part of the risk management for your business, it has to be done and we would like to thank you for allowing us the time to tell you why it should be us you are outsourcing to.

Preventative Services:
• A full IR audit for all new clients, which will determine whether their current paperwork and procedures are in place.

• Preparation of service contracts and/or letters of appointment.

• Training and a manual for employers, managers and supervisors to be procedurally correct when disciplining, dismissing, etc.

• Personal, Telephonic, E-mail and fax help line to assist an employer immediately.

Hands on Assistance when needed:

• Presentation of members at CCMA and Bargaining Council hearings. Being the Human Resources Manager, appointed by the client, our Labour Law Expert can attend these hearings with the client, where a labour lawyer in their professional capacity in certain cases may not.

• Conducting negotiations with unions on behalf of the business owner.
• Assisting Business Owners with disciplinary hearings, dismissals, retrenchments and with strike management.

• To offer our clients the most updated and recent labour relations advice possible.

• To become the leading Service Provider in IR Labour Solutions
• To make available services at competitive prices, without compromising quality.
• To keep on developing our services to stay abreast with the newest legislation to ensure optimum protection to our clients.
• Doing the job right the first time.
• To commit to this quest for excellence which we recognize and accept as essential to our continued success.
• To offer our clients optimum peace of mind.

Outsourcing like any other service to your company, should add value. It should allow you to concentrate on the core of what makes your business successful, while knowing that the non-core functions are being effectively executed.

Prestige Labour Solutions does not offer just a service, we offer peace of mind. We build a trust relationship with our clients and our delivery of service is subjected to “service level agreements” which pushes us to deliver a superior service. To outsource your labour relations to Prestige Labour Solutions will benefit you and your company, as is explained:

• It will save you time
• Assure you that you have the support of professional legal expertise and continuity of delivery.
• Be sure that your risk is managed and secured.
• Add structure to your workforce. Not only the employer benefits from proper industrial relations. Employees function better when they have certainty that their personal interests are managed properly. This in turn leads to high morale and high outputs which are good for business.


Problem Solving: Being an outsource organization we generally have encountered most problems before and have the resources in place that are tried and tested to deal with these problems.

Continuity: We have focused activities, trained and experienced advocates, attorneys and labour consultants to deliver the service, unlike where in a business if someone resigns a replacement has to be found and this can be very time consuming and it breaks continuity.

Capacity: We carry the cost of excess capacity; you only pay for your use as agreed by contract with us.

Security/Confidentiality: All data is kept secure and confidential and you the employer do not have to worry about data getting into the wrong hands which can lead to mistrust if taken out of context.

Cost Effective: Because we focus on a narrow area of delivery we do generate economies of scale and efficiencies that are not obtainable in individual organizations.

Our service continues with the growth and slimming of companies, so you the employer do not have to worry about employing people if you grow or having to retrench people when you have to down size, when your company goes through hard times.

Control: The employer stays in control of the when and how of the application of procedures. The employer always keeps full control of the final product delivered including the risk associated therewith.

Online Assistance: A online facility, which will enable Employers to obtain the necessary legal advice during working hours, from 08h00 to 17h00 hours per day.

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