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    Hi Guys

    I'm new to the air pistol game and any recommendatons on range facilities and shoots would be great.
    I recently bought a Umarex 1911 (shoots lead BB's) and a Gamo p-25. From what i could see on the IPAS rules both these guns and ammunition are allowed? please confirm
    Secondly where can my wife and i go to shoot. she used to shoot in the correctional services so i suspect she will kick my bvtt! haha
    I live in Honeydew Ridge in Roodepoort/Ruimsig

    If you could give me some recommendations on clubs and ranges to go as well as links and/or contact numbers that would be great. Please bear in mind i know next to nothing to regarding local club protocol etc so the more info the better.

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    Hi Stuart,

    As long as you shoot lead bb's, you are fine. Reason being the steel bb's bounce back... That is not lekker

    The North Cliff guys started IPAS, but from what I can make out there is little activity the last few weeks.

    We at Wonderboom Field Target Club also shoot IPAS. At this stage we combine it with our FT club shoots to get more exposure. We have a lot of guys who is actively involved now and to keep it exciting, we took it up a gear by introducing IPCS type courses. Dawid van Wyk is the WFTC IPAS officer and he is very creative with what he builds. It is great fun!!!

    You are more that welcome to come and join us sometime. We advertise all our shoots on the forum, so watch this space

    we have a shoot in two weeks time. I'm not sure of our format yet. We will meet in next week to determine the parameters of our shoot.
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    REP: Oom A's Airguns

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    Speedy the original AIM set of targets that got the ball rolling should be in the store at Northcliff range.
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    Thanks Adrian, ill go check it out
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