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    Hi Guys
    My interest in air rifles was recently revived by a friend. I have a beautiful Gecado Mod 27 from my teenage years... aaah the memories. I acquired a Weirauch HW50S, {a medium powered airgun that does not eat scopes :-)¤¤ and mounted a Nikko Stirling Gold Crown 4x32 from another hunting rifle, will still sort out the parallax for short range. Now the Weirauch is a well made gun and reported to be very accurate, only thing that I dislike at this stage is the chamber part of the barrel is catching the sides of the frame when you cock, I checked the washers out and that all looks good, I saw the inside of the frame is slightly rough as it was machined in the factory. There’s a spot on the barrel bridge that catches on that area and the blue is coming of.

    So, do I just leave the gun to work out that friction and re-blue it later or should I polish that inside area with a file or something, what do you guys reckon? Fired 20 shots only
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    probably just leave it if it is only some slight friction....otherwise a bit of work with a file or some emery paper on a wooden block should work well
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