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    I've made one (well, rough cut for now) from wood that I can slip on to my TX200.
    Still trying to figure out what is the best height and make sure I'm comfortable before I make the final product.

    At the moment is roughly 90mm, measured from the bottom of stock to bottom of hamster, after cutting out the rough shape.

    Depending on how I sit - either resting on my knee or over my arm, the rifle feels heavy and like its going to fall over. I can stop this from happening by changing my position a bit, but doesn't feel that comfortable.

    I can start cutting of little at a time, but any suggestions as to the average height your hamster is set to?
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    Hight is about comfort.If you like them high you will have a top heavy gun.This is why the Americans put on those funny looking counter balances
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    Keep on experimenting Chaka, also the distance to the front or back make a difference to get your balancing point right. When i build a hamster for a new gun it still take me days to sort it out. The hamster on my FWB P70 is rebuilded 6 times.
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