Some of you might know that I sell the Sightron SIII 10-50x60 scopes.

There are 2 models - one with a fine crosshair reticle, and one with a target dot reticle - the exact same reticle that comes in the Leupold Competition series.

I am trying to get the Sightron in the US and in Japan to include a MILDOT reticle in this scope - waiting with abated breath for their answer... I've asked them 6 times now, and they have not budged...on Friday, I started BEGGING them... Maybe that will help.

Well, I took all 3 the "target dot" models imported by the agents - I sold 2, and bought one for myself to test.

I mounted the Sightron SIII 10-50x60 target dot reticle on my Steyr LG110, and went about setting it all up. First I had to get a custom side wheel and top turret wheel made by the BEST craftsman in the WORLD in this field - Mr Jon Harris in the UK... He makes absolutely the best looking side wheel and turret wheel I have ever laid my eyes on - unfortunate that he doesn't do it anymore (I got Jon to make mine as a special favour)...

Anyway, after mounting the side wheel and turret, I started the "horrible" task of setting up the range finding from 10-50m and the "shooting in" of the turret.

This scope, honestly, is one of the nicest scopes I have EVER used for FT. It's range finding ability is absolutely second-to-none. It fill range the target effortlessly, and snaps into and out-of focus like very few other scopes I have ever tried.

30cm in front of the target is out of focus, and 30cm beyond the target is also out of focus - that's how good this scope is at range finding.

The turrets are very similar in look and feel to the Big Nikko's, and have very positive clicks. The side wheel is smooth as silk, and adjusting the turrets are very, very repeatable.

I have a 5" side wheel mounted - space between markings are quite big, except from 40-50m where the space between each 2m distance is only around 2.5 - 3mm, but quite sufficient.

I set up the side wheel in bright sunlight yesterday, and check distances today in overcast conditions outside, and then in our basement parking at work this afternoon (flourescent lighting), and the markings on the side wheel were SPOT ON in all 3 conditions...

The Sightron rangefinds BETTER than the Schmidt & Bender AND the Big Nikko in bright sunlight, and in overcast or shade the S&B stays the KING, but not by a huge margin.

Compared side-by-side to the S&B and the Big Nikko, I'd have to say the optics at 50x mag, are almost as clear as the S&B's, and much better than the Big Nikko's. There is no "milky" or "hazy" picture like on the new Big Nikko's.

Out to 50m, I could very easily read a sheet with 3mm letters and numbers. Something only the S&B will do. In very bright sunlight, the S&B washes the 3mm letters out, whilst with the Sightron they were still legible. that is simply WOW!!!

The Sightron comes with OPTIONAL side wheel and optional Sun shade (these will be available in the next 2 months). It has a 30mm tube, and comes packaged with a front lens flip-up cover, as well as an eyepiece flip-up cover.

Like the Leupold and other quality scopes, it comes with a full Lifetime Warranty.

Price for these scopes are R11800.

As I took all the 10-50x60 scopes, there will not be stock for quite a long time to come (the agents bought a few hundred Sightron scopes, and will need to deplete stock levels to around 50% before they will order a new batch), except if there's an interest - which in turn I will place a special order for a number of these scopes, but would need a paid deposit before ordering them...

If you're interested, contact me via PM or at

You could also contact me through the website:

Lastly, I will have the scope on my Steyr at next weekend's League shoot at AGF