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Thread: sleepless next to a dive cylinder........

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    Default sleepless next to a dive cylinder........

    hi all,

    some how, can't fall asleep tonight.............perhaps just a bit nervous from the fact that there's a fully charged 10L 300 Bar cylinder in da house.........although i'm not a stranger to scuba tanks (got my OW1......but it was 10 yrs ago, and haven't dived since!!!!)

    as you guys know, i'm new to pcp's, hence any general care/maintenance tips is much appreciated.

    few questions:

    where do you guys keep it?
    how do you transport it in the car?
    any accessories i should look into? (got net and boot)
    can i paint it blue and put NOS stickers all over it ? (jokes)


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    You make me worry noiw as I'm also quite new to fully charged 300Bar bottles in the house.
    Mine is in the house(Should it not be?
    Everybody I know drive arounf with it in their boot.
    What doed divers do(How did you cart it around 10 years ago when you went diving?)

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    Sorry for bad typing above I accidently sent before I previewed.

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    after much heated house-mates reckons the bottle upsets the "feng-shuei" of the lounge and the laundry/storage room. so, i'm forced to keep it in my room (walk-in closet). guess it will not be long 'till the g/f starts going off............

    never had a cylinder 10 yrs ago, just remembered carrying the damn thing (rented) on/off the rubber-duck. i guess with such strict protocols on these high-pressure equipments, they are well-designed (shows in the price) and as long as they are well looked after, they should be 100% safe.

    hopefully the nervousness will ease with time........

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    In the beginning I was also scared of the new "bomb" in my house. As long as it conforms with all the checks it will be quite safe (it now sleeps in the garege next to the airgun safe). For transportation I made a Plywood base to stop it from rolling around in the back of the car. It has a flat base of about 250mm wide and length= bottle. 2 pieces with a half moon cut out are mounted vertically so that the bottle rests on them. Lined with old car inner tube stops movement and secured with 50mm velcro strips around the bottle. E-mail me if you want a pic.

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    I would worry more about the cylinder on a PCP than worry about a diving cylinder.
    If all the tests are done on the bottles (ESPECIALLY ON OLD BOTTLES) you really have nothing to worry about. Look at it this way, how much abuse does a cylinder go through on a rubber duck without ever "exploding"...
    I keep mine in my study/computer room/gun room (it's right next to my bedroom).
    Note that the tests are required by Law and are there for safety reasons, rather have them done, don't try to get to "special" agreements with the dive shops !! If that "thing" explodes you DON'T want to be close to it. Older bottles (there is a certain range nr, can't remember) DEVELOPED CRACKS in the top of the bottle, the older bottles need to be inspected and if found to have the cracks they will be DESTROYED. A person went diving in the Vaal Dam a while ago and the OLD BOTTLE (which didn't have the top examined like it should have) exploded , top shot off and took his head with it ! (hear...say...)
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