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Thread: Chamfering springer barrels

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    Default Chamfering springer barrels

    Do you chamfer your springers' barrels?

    I've been thinking about doing it for a while but leaped in after a 1,5" 3 shot 15m group tonight with my Hatsan Mod 33. It bothered me that this barrel had an almost tangible hanging edge around more than half the chamber, that looked like the blade of a hunting knife when you've just taken the medium stone out of your Lansky and are about to put the fine stone in.

    I used a medium-sharp 6mm drill bit in a tap wrench and made two complete circuits with a bit of pressure with very little pressure on the third to clear out swarf.

    These barrels are like butter.

    Apologies for the poor quality pics at night with my Blackberry, but I think you can see before and after and the nice seal around the pellet now.

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    REP: Oom A's Airguns

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    Airrifle barrels are made of mils steel.

    Most of the top brands do have a slight champher.
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    Any improvement in the grouping Brett?
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    Not really, but having had a 1911 Remington Rand that did it I noticed immediately keyholing on the target has stopped.

    That's great, heh? I'm thinking about lapping the bore next.
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    I sommer re-crowned the muzzle quickly for Ss&Gs. Couldn't see a problem but all my hunting rifles are recessed-match-crowned.
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