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    Default Light weight pellets

    Looking for light weight pellets for my (sorry wifes) :messed: co2 pistol. What is the lightest pellet LOCALLY available and from which shop?
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    There are light weight pellets everywhere these days - Can't mention anyone specifically but Gamo has some of the lightest pellets on the market and any shop selling airguns would usually stock them. I know Nicholas Yale in Braamfontein are the official importers of Gamo products - try them. Also try The Powder Keg in Roodepoort - they stock various pellets (for school airgun competitions, etc). Randburg Guns and Ammo in the Randburg CBD are also good for various pellets for rifles and pistols - give them a call.
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    Those Cheap milbro Pellets from dsfonline should be very light.They look shorter than a "normal"pellet" Dont know about accuracy and quality though, and they will need to be washed.
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    Found a doc with pellet weights and paste some of the popular ones (including heavier ones for comparison) that you should find locally (weight in grains)
    10m pistol shooters would use the H&N Match Pistol or Diabolo Sport (just unsorted and hence cheaper than Match Pistol) or Bisley Practice or Gamo Match. All of these are light and wadcutters (have to be for 10m target).

    I happen to have many tins of H&N Match Pistol that I could let go for about R50-R60/tin (excl. postage ex Cape Town)... last time I checked retail on these were about R90-R100

    H&N Diablo Sport 7.50
    H&N Match Pistol 7.50

    H&N Match Rifle 8.20

    Gamo Hunter 8.30
    Gamo Magnum 8.40
    Gamo Master Point 8.10
    Gamo Match 7.50

    Crosman Accupell 7.90
    Crosman CO2 Pell 6.00
    Crosman Premiere Lites 7.90

    Bisley Practice 7.20

    RWS CO2 Club 7.10
    RWS CO2 Target 7.70
    RWS R10 Light 7.70

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    what about the promethues.... little orange one.... its about 5.8 grains. Thats just if you looking for speed though, think the accuracy will be like usual... Anyway you know the skiff, the model with the long barrel, it pushes 550fps with that light promethues.... its like more then the B1/B2. We can get those little milbro (ones that gary mentioned) in for you if you need.
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    Hi Lewis,

    Don,t bother with the promethius Plastic type pellets, most just come apart under the recoil/ blowback of the pistol. Try the promethius triple P pellets, tin pellets at 6.3gns, hollow point, and very accurate at pistol ranges. Available from Sharp Edge Sharpshooter or if you have a dealer account from CDG. Quite pricey at +-R130 for 650.

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    Lewis I have about 8 tins JSB pistol Match pellets in 7.5gr...they worked well in the CP Sport when I tried them.
    Let me know if you want them..
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