Hi All

My name is Hugo Schreuder. I am the Senior Sales Consultant on the floor at the Camping, Hiking and Gun shop departments in Kloppers, George Western Cape. I have been in this business for more than 20 years. I would like to take the time to introduce our gun shop to ” airrifle.co.za”.

The man in Charge of the Gun shop is Freddy Zondagh; a well respected and highly qualified arms dealer in the area. He has been dealing with the hunting and farming community of George and surroundings for many years. He also works closely with respected gunsmiths of the area.

We mainly sell weapons for self defence and hunting. We also sell a vast variety of accessories. The air rifles we sell are mostly pre charged weapons or nitro piston.

We also sell a wide variety of high class hunting scopes and air rifle scopes. ( B.S.A, Vortex, Burris, Zeis, Redfield, Nikon, Lynx, Arctic etc.)
We do not really sell air rifles for the purpose of target shooting but we are sponges as far as info and suggestions from a community like yours is concerned because we do have some young people who are still learning the ropes. Me and Freddy are always open to suggestions and new info., since knowledge and customer support has always been the corner stone of this store and its sales staff. We are well known throughout South Africa for these attributes and welcome anyone to our store whether it is for business or to sort out a problem. We strive to always go the extra mile.

Hugo Schreuder


Address: 5 Discovery Street, George

Telephone: 044 802 3900
Fax: 044 802 3903
Website: Kloppers