Hey Guido, just came across this old post of yours, makes me want to go out and grab a Pro-Sport !! What happened to it?

Posted: Sep 2002 by Guido

I have had my new Air Arms Pro-Sport .177 FAC for a couple of weeks and have put about 1000 JSB Exacts 4.52 through it's barrel.
I found it accurate and easy to shoot but was annoyed by the twangy spring noise upon firing. It was spitting out the JSBs at about 860fps.
I read about and then ordered the Maccari spring, brass guides and moly \tar lubricant kit.
It arrived surprisingly within a week here at my home in South Africa.
It comes with no instructions probably due to liability reasons but I found enough info on the web to help me with the stripping and tuning process.
I installed everything with the correct lubricants and spring tar. I polished the brass spring guide with metal polish.
I replaced the piston seal and breech seals and easily put everything back together again.
Wow...upon first firing the tuned rifle I was amazed. Everything felt more solid and noiseless. Recoil feels milder and the rifle feels generally easier to shoot.
It dieselled very mildly for the first 20 shots then settled down. It now clocks about 850fps with extraordinary stability.
Extreme spreads over 20 shots are always within 8fps.

All in all I was surprised that such an excellent rifle could be improved upon so easily. I am surprised that Air Arms themselves do not offer the rifle in this configuration.
It would be untouchable by the competition in this tuned format. I shot a HW97K recently and can truly say I am happy with my purchase of the P.S. Even before tuning I prefered the P.S.
i am sure that the HW97K can also be tuned very effectively but what really sold me on the Pro-Sport is the hidden under lever and integral silencer.
It must surely rate as the most elegant under lever on the market today.

Please send me your opinions and views.

Now to start thinking about a nice walnut custom stock....