Initially, I want to thank the commitment and dedication with which the gunsmith
Paulo Martins( developed and produced this Quick Fill kit to be installed in any model of the Theoben PCP. Soon so that the MFR arrived from Straightshooters, I talked to the gunsmith, Paulo Martins in order to solve one of the things that bothered me in this air rifle. The lack of pressure gauge and the one Quick Fill. Based on an original Theoben Kit, immediately, the gunsmith Paulo sketched out the "plan" of what could be done.

After being treated on the PC, the "thing" was so.

Project ready, raw materials purchased (Duralumin 6351T6) and Theoben kit available for measurement of weights. The gunsmith Paulo Martins went to the lathe.

Following below, we start the machining of the valve body. That is, put it with the same external dimensions of the valve marketed by Theoben, in your kit for the PCP's air rifles (MK I, MK II, MFR and S-Type).

In this sequence, we can observe the valve Theoben kit (above), and prepared (my original MFR valve) by gunsmith Paulo Martins.

Below is the beginning of the machining of the block that receives the nozzle supply (Quick Fill) and manometer.

Here we see the gunsmith Martins scaling on the block, the center hole where the valve is attached.

The sequence below shows the machining of this hole.

Here we can see the coupling body with the valve block.

Details of the machining of the seat o-rings sealing the block with the valve.

This is the start drilling of the seat, where the supply nozzle(Quick Fill) will be coupled.

Here we have the same process for the gauge coupling.

Installation supply nozzle(Quick Fill).

Finally, we have the whole block/gauge, complete.

The stock being prepared to receive the whole block/valve.

In this final sequence, we can observe from different angles, as was the whole block / valve / cylinder, coupled to the breech of the MFR. I call attention to how the finish was excellent.

That is, with this kit produced and installed by gunsmith Paulo Martins, closed to me, one of the main problems of my Theoben MFR. And why not to say the all Theoben PCP air rifles. That is, having to disconnect the cylinder of the air rifle every time you fill it and can not monitor the volume of air inside. I do not understand how even today, the Theoben factory is reluctant to equip its entire line of PCP's with this feature.