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Thread: TX200-HC vs TX200 vs Pro-Sport?

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    Default TX200-HC vs TX200 vs Pro-Sport?

    Hi, old question I know, but previous thread sort lead to this one. Apart from the cocking action, is there any major difference between these? The Pro-Sports are presumably "factory tuned" but they seem to share the same innards and barrels (not counting the shrouds). Is the extra cost of the Pro-Sport justified or is the HC really better bang for the buck?
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    You don't get a TX200 P.S. You get the TX200 and the TX200HC. The HC is a short version of the TX200. This rifle has a bull barrel with a threaded insert, which allows the fitting of an internal moderator insert. It shares the standard TX200 internals but has a shorter barrel.

    The Pro-Sport has a large delrin bearing on the rear of the compression chamber and 3 buttons at the front the TX200 does not.
    The Compression tube is also machined differently with the 3 groves in the side and also a large flat area underneath for the under lever housing.
    The Pro-Sport has a screw hole under the compression chamber for its under lever.
    The stocks are different and the barrel sleeves are different.
    And the main gun tube is totally different for 2 types of cocking arms.

    Everything else is the same though.
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    ProSPort is aesthetically superior.

    Firing cycle is identical

    Balance is different...TX200 is more front heavy...especially the Mk3

    Cocking the Pro-Sport is harder and less comfortable.

    Pro-Sports cocking and anti-bear trap is much quieter and more slick.

    If I had to choose only one I would take the Pro-Sport
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    The Pro-Sport and TX200 rifles share many common components - essentially the main body tube is the same, although machined slightly differently for the P.S. Compression tube and piston are basically same stock items although as mentioned above the compression tube of the P/S features synthetic bearings as well.

    The P/S also fetures an alloy rail bolted to the underside of the action which features the under lever pivot, intercept sear and stock mounting points.

    I agree with Guido that the P/S is the neater looking rifle.

    If you are looking for a rifle to shoot a lot then the TX200 is the better choice because it is easier to cock for extended periods. So for FT/HFT with a springer the TX200 would be the better choice. For hunting where fewer shots may be taken the Pro-Sport is a pleasing choice.
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